Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aspiring Chef

Okay, I make mistakes.
I am not PERFECT.
I am human.

My salmon sauce was well thought through. It made sense on paper. The strong flavors of the capers, basil and anchovy could hold it's ground against the intense taste of the salmon. But unfortunately, on the plate? Yeah, not so much. I thought my sauce overpowered the salmon. Now don't get me wrong, my sauce was delicious. But I decided that it would be better paired with a tamer fish. Perhaps one with a great texture like halibut, white fish or sea bass. The darker the meat, the stronger the flavor and higher the fat content. The pale fish are mild and really need a sauce to add flavor to what would be a bland dish.
Suzie argued that perhaps next time I should serve less sauce. This is an option, but I think from now on I will eat my salmon the old way: with Lawry's garlic salt, pepper, a lemon wedge and enjoy the salmon, all by itself.

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